5 Axis Milling

5-Axis Milling

What is 5-Axis Milling?

5-Axis is a term that refers to the number of directions that the cutting tool can move upon. On the center of a 5-Axis machine, the cutting tool will move across the X,Y, and Z axes and also rotate on the A and B axes. This allows the tool to operate simultaneously in any direction giving the cutting tool a multi-directional approach.

A 5-Axis machine allows you to work in much tighter tolerances giving you better access because of the 3 + 2 system.


5-Axis Milling provides a cost-effective solution to the manufacturing of complex shapes and designs. You now have the ability to access angles and arcs that you would have typically had to have multiple setups to achieve.


At Foremost Manufacturing, our 5-axis milling is done with the highest standards and cutting edge technology of today. Our 5-axis milling services provide for a better finish with improved quality.  Have Questions? Call Us Today! 908-687-4646, Email at mail@foremostmfg.com or simply fill out our online form. We are located in Union, New Jersey.

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