What Is Anodizing?

The process of electrolytic passivation to increase the thickness of the top natural oxide layer of metal parts. Anodizing produces a beautiful finish, either matte or specular, that makes the part resistant to corrosion. The surface is also one of the best for paint adhesion. Foremost Manufacturing has consistently produced the highest specular finishes on an aluminum substrate.


This method is done by submerging aluminum into an electrolyte bath of acid that passes an electric current through the medium. Within the anodizing tank a cathode is mounted enabling the aluminum to act as an anode. This allows oxygen ions to be released from the electrolyte combining with the aluminum atoms at the surface of the part. Today these finishes are widely used in the production of commercial, industrial and consumer products.

Why Is Our Anodizing Superior?

  • Computer controlled and automated for precise timing of parts in chemical baths.
  • Non toxic organic, high quality chemicals.
  • Regular cleaning of all tanks.
  • Hourly titrations of all chemical baths, by 2 on site lab technicians.
  • Our people: Healthy environment for team members: our air quality consistently tests excellent.
  • In compliance with all federal, state and local chemical and disposal regulations.


At Foremost Manufacturing, our superior process is done with the highest standards, cutting edge and state-of-the-art technologies of today. Our anodizing services provide for a finish that is an excellent substrate for paint adhesion. The product also becomes resistant to corrosion. Have questions, concerns or would like to learn more? Call us today! 908-687-4646Email at or simply fill out our online form. Our manufacturing facility is located at 941 Ball Avenue in Union, New Jersey.

Let Us Provide You With Consistant Superior Production Services

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