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Metal Forming

What Is Metal Forming?

Metal forming, otherwise known as forming is a metalworking process. It fashions metal objects and parts through mechanical deformation. The product is reshaped without removing or adding material. The mass weight does not change while the physical shape is permanently altered. 

The Metal Forming Process

The differences in effective stresses categorize the different forming processes. On a local level, the stresses that are operating can be complex and can involve a variety of stresses working sumultaneously. Or the stresses can change during the course of the operation.

Types of Forming

Compressive Forming

A process of metal forming where the primary means of deformation is multi-axial or uni- compressive loading.

  • Die Forming - Product is stamped by a press onto or around a die.
  • Forging - Product is shaped and compressed by a local force.
  • Indenting - A tool is pressed into the product.

Tensile Forming

A process where the primary means of deformation is multiaxial or uni- tensile stress.

  • Expanding - The hollow parts circumference is increased by tangential loading.
  • Recessing - Holes and depressions are formed by tensile loading.
  • Stretching - The application of a tensile load to the longitudinal axis of the product.

Combination of Compressive and Tensile Forming

The Process where the primary means of deformation uses both compressive loads and tensile stresses.

  • Flange Forming
  • Pulling - Goes through a die.
  • Spinning
  • Upset Bulging
At Foremost Manufacturing Co., Inc. our metal forming processes of compressive forming, tensile forming, bending, and shearing are concise, resulting in a smooth and perfect final product. Have questions about metal forming or would you like to learn more about all of our other services? Call us today at 908-687-4646, email at or simply fill out our online form. We are located at 941 Ball Avenue, Union, New Jersey.

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