Metal Painting

Metal Painting

Metal Painting - Post-Anodize

Painting over anodized aluminum can be intricate if you do not prep the surface properly. The surface must be clean and free of dirt and debris for any paint to adhere and cure. At Foremost Manufacturing, we have been applying paint to anodized metal surfaces for over fifty years. Our proven technology delivers a quality project on time and on budget. Experience and technology are what separate us from our closest competitor.


  • Anodized aluminum has a much longer lifespan than any regular aluminum because there is a much thicker surface of the anodic coating with the lifespan being proportionate to the thickness of the coating.
  • Aluminum oxide has many benefits such as durability, hardness, and resilience to inclement weather. It also protects the metal from wear and corrosion.
  • Our technology allows us to add color, making your choices endless. Customization of color can provide an entirely new look or matching color to an existing structure.
Metal Painting - Post-Anidize
At Foremost Manufacturing our metal painting is done with the highest standards and cutting edge technologies of today. Our metal painting services provide for a durable, strong, and weather resistant metal. Have questions about metal painting or our other services? Call us today at 908-687-4646email at or simply fill out our online form. Our manufacturing facility is located at 941 Ball Avenue in Union, New Jersey

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