Metal Polishing

Metal Polishing

Why Metal Polishing?

Metal polishing is a process whereby machines with abrasive belts and wheels are used to sand the surface until the desired finish is achieved. This process eliminates oxide and dust from the metal surface, making this a prerequisite for other operations such as plating and powder coating. We can also utilize metal polishing as a single decorative process which would provide a smooth mirror finish.


By removing all corrosion, contamination, oxidation, and other surface blemishes, you are immediately enhancing the appearance of the part or piece. You can take this process a step further and apply a clear coat or anodize color to protect the mirror finish from further corrosion while increasing durability.

Types of Finishes

Metal Polishing
At Foremost Manufacturing, our metal polishing is done with the highest standards and cutting edge technologies of today. Our metal polishing services provide for a smooth finish.

Our operators are highly trained to detect grain differences in different alloys and make accommodations so you receive the best possible finished product.

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